• Display the next slide titled – WHAT IS EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK?
  • After you display the slide, ask them the question shown on the slide – What is effective feedback?
  • Tell each person to write down their answer to the question in the chat window. Give them 2-minutes to answer the question.
  • As they are writing their answers, read as many of them out while acknowledging each person by name.
  • For example, you can say:
    • Thanks for that Adam, you wrote, effective feedback is…
    • Jane, you wrote that effective feedback is…., thanks.
  • After 2-minutes stop them and bring everyone back together.
  • Make sure you’ve read enough, if possible, all of their definitions.
  • Thank them for the definitions and let them know you also have a definition to share.
  • Display the next slide titled – DEFINITION – WHAT IS EFFECTIVE FEEDBACK?
  • After displaying it, read out the information.
  • When you finish reading, pause for a while for them to take it in.
  • Make sure you acknowledge any of their earlier definitions that is similar to the one you just read.
  • Next, tell them that to start discussing what effective feedback looks like they will explore feedback given by two different people for the same situation.

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