This activity will introduce the session’s learning objectives to the participants and also explore what work-life balance is.


  • You will introduce the session to the delegates using the learning objectives.
  • Display the slide titled – LEARNING OBJECTIVES.


Then tell them that:

  • In this session we will be focusing on three key areas and by the end of the session,
  • you will be able to define what work-life balance is in your own words,
  • you will also have taken the time to reflect on your own work-life balance.
  • Also, you would have had the opportunity to think about how to apply work-life balance to your own life.
  • After sharing the learning objectives with them, let them know that it’s now time to answer the first question which is, ‘what is work-life balance?’


  • Display the slide titled – WHAT IS WORK-LIFE BALANCE?


  • Read out the instructions on the slide and give them 2-minutes to answer the question.
  • Be quiet and allow them to write out their answers for 2-minutes.
  • When the 2-minutes is up, start reading out their answers.
  • For example you may say something like, ‘thanks Alan, you said work-life balance is…’.’And Becky you defined work-life balance as….thank you.’
  • After reading through all their answers (if there are not too many of them), tell them that you also have some answers of your own to share with them.
  • Display the next slide also titled – WHAT IS WORK-LIFE BALANCE?


  • Allow them to read the information on the slide for about 1-minute.
  • After that ask for their view about the information they just read and listen to their comments.
  • If people are responding allow the discussion period to go on for about 5-minutes.
  • Next display the another slide titled – WHAT WORK-LIFE BALANCE ISN’T?


  • Again, allow them to read the information for about 1-minute and as you did previously ask for their views about the information and listen to them for a maximum of 5-minutes.

Next tell them that:

  • From reading this information, it is clear that there is no precise definition for work-life balance.
  • For all of us work-life balance will be unique.
  • What is clear is that work-life balance refers to the balance we place between work and our personal lives so that our work does not overwhelm us to the point that it’s having an adverse effect on our personal lives.
  • And as I said previously that balance will be unique for each of us.

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