Previously the participants explored a work-life balance with steps that can help them to reflect on how to manage their work-life balance more effectively. This activity goes a bit further with the work-life balance cycle by challening them to look at the cycle from the perspective of their own lives.


The participants will reflect on how the work-life balance cycle applies to them.


  • Display the slide titled – THE CYCLE AND YOU.


  • Read out the information on it which describes a paired-up activity they are about to do (you can access – THE CYCLE AND YOU here).
  • Then use the ‘breakout groups’ feature to split them up into pairs, so each will be assigned to a room.
  • Make sure you join each room briefly to clarify that they are clear what they need to do.
  • When they have 5-minutes and 1-minute more broadcast a message to them so that they are aware of how much time they have left.
  • Once the 20-minutes is up, close the rooms so that everyone can return to the main room.
  • When everyone is back, let them know you are now going to take feedback from each pair in the order of the rooms they were in, so Room 1 will give feedback till you get to the last room.
  • Allow each pair to give feedback and listen to them without making any comments.
  • When they have finished thank them for doing the activity and giving the feedback.

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