Aim: To explore what gratitude is and its benefits

Duration: 10-minutes


  • Display the slide titled – WHAT IS GRATITUDE?


  • Tell them that:
    • We are going to answer two quick questions and please write your answers to the questions in the chat window.
    • (Click the slide to display the first question) Here’s the first questionIn your own words what does the term gratitude mean?
    • Please take 2-minutes to write your definition in the chat window.
  • As they type out their answers read through them quietly till the 2-minutes is up.
  • When the time is up, thank them for their definitions and read out their answers so they can here you.
  • As you read out their answers, acknowledge each person who provided an answer. You can say, ‘Thanks Ann for your definition, you said that….and Muhamad you described gratitude as ….Thank you.
    • (Click the slide to display the second question) Here’s the second question. You’ve just told us your own definition of gratitude. In your opinion, ‘What benefits can people who feel grateful experience?’
    • As you did previously, please type your answers in the chat window. You have 2-minutes.
  • Read their answers quietly as they type them out. When the 2-minutes is up, stop them, appreciate them for doing the task and read out their answers as you did previously.
  • When you finish, thank them again for the answers and display the next slide titled – GRATITUDE AND ITS BENEFITS?


  • When the slide displays it will be blank with just a title.
  • Tell them that:
    • I’m just going to present some information which complements what you discussed previously when you answered those chat questions.
    • (Click on the slide once to display a definition of gratitude) Here’s a definition for gratitude. (Read out the definition)
  • Next you will present eight benefits of gratitude to them. Tell them that:
    • According to research and science people who consistently feel gratitude experience certain benefits.
    • (click the slide) – They feel happier which is to be expected. If you feel grateful, you feel be happier.
    • (Click the slide) – They have an improved sense of wellbeing. Grateful people are likely to feel more positive and consequently have better wellbeing.
    • (Click the slide) – They have a higher sense of self esteem because they have a balanced view of themselves.
    • (Click the slide) – A sense of gratitude is good for our mental health. When we are happier and grateful, we are less likely to be depressed.
    • (Click the slide) – Being grateful can also bolster us against anxiety.
    • (Click the slide) – If staff feel gratitude in the workplace then they will be much more engaged in the organisation.
    • (Click the slide) – Engaged people are more likely show discretionary effort and be more productive.
  • After presenting the information, ask them for any question and/or comments about the information you just presented.
  • Listen to them and respond to any questions and /or comments they have appropriately.
  • Then move on to discuss the next topic.

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