In a previous post the delegates observed a demonstration of listening skills, now it is their turn to practice what they have learnt about listening during the session in small groups.


  • Display the slide titled – PRACTICE SESSION.





  • Let them know that it’s now their time to practice.
  • The information they need for the practice session is in the part of their workbooks titled – PRACTICE SESSION.
  • They must all read it before they start the session because it contains the scenarios they will be practising with.



For this practice session, each person in the small group will rotate through the roles of speaker, listener and observer. Everyone in the group should choose one of the scenarios below that they are going to speak on. Each person will then speak for on their chosen scenario while the listener they are speaking to demonstrates effective listening skills. Each conversation should last for a maximum of 5-minutes. The observer during each conversation should note down their observations based on the checklist on the next page. After each conversation the observer should tell the listener only what they did well. The listener may also contribute to the positive feedback. Feedback sessions after each conversation should not take more than 5-minutes.

You will have 30-minutes for the practice session.

Scenario 1 – Why I’ve been late to work this week

I’m really sorry for coming late throughout this week. It’s been really tough for me at home. I’m having a break down in my relationship and I have been left alone to take care of my children. I have to get the three of them to school in the morning before coming to work. I don’t drive and that makes it really difficult for me. I’m really sorry. I should have told you about this earlier but I just didn’t know how to.

Scenario 2 – I forgot to schedule the meeting

I don’t know if we will still be able to have the meeting next week or if the notice is too short. You told me to arrange the meeting last month and I did put it in my calendar and prepare the agenda but I did not send out an invitation to those who should attend. I honestly thought I did but I obviously did not. I am really sorry about this and I don’t know whether I should still schedule the meeting for next week or choose another date.

Scenario 3 – Good news, we got the order

I’ve got some good news for you. Remember the presentation we went to deliver last month to that big company, the one with 5000 employees? Well, we got the order. They have agreed to pay for 1000 licenses. That is our biggest client yet. I’m really excited. Thank you very much for your part in the presentation I think the stories you told that illustrated the benefits of using our software really helped convince the client to sign on. Thank you.

Below is the observation checklist

Effective Listening Checklist


  • Read out the information on the slide then set them up into small groups for the practice session. Reemphasize that they must read the information in their workbooks.
  • Give them 30-minutes for the practice session.
  • Join each room to clarify that they know what to do and where necessary explain again.
  • When they have 5-minutes more send them a message to let them know.
  • Once the 30-minutes period is up, stop them and bring everyone back to the main room.
  • You will ask them for feedback but don’t ask any specific person.
  • To ask for feedback ask them these questions:
    • During your practice what do you think you did well?
    • If you did the practice session again what will you do differently?
    • What is your main takeaway lesson from the practice session?
  • Allow the feedback discussion to go on for up to 15-minutes.
  • After that thank them for taking part in the practice session and giving the feedback.

The next post will conclude the training session and all the training resources including the facilitation guide, workbook and presentation will be made available for you to download.

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