In the previous posts I introduced a session titled, Introducing Situational leadership (read it here) and explored what situational leadership is (read it here). We continue the session in this post by exploring what a leadership style is.


  • Tell them to write down their definitions of leadership style in the ‘chat’ window.
  • Give them 3-minutes to do that.
  • As they write their definitions read through them quietly.
  • After 3-minutes stop and appreciate them for doing the task and let them know that you are going to read out their definitions.
  • Read each definition so they can all hear and as you do so acknowledge each person. For instance, you can say that ‘Thank you Sally, you described leadership style as…., and Benjy you wrote that a leadership style is…thank you.
  • After reading their definitions, display the next slide tilted – WHAT IS A LEADERSHIP STYLE?


  • Read out the definition on the slide.
  • Then tell them that:
    • What this definition implies is that, as managers the way we influence our team members to do their tasks and achieve objectives is our leadership style.
    • In situational leadership, there are four leadership styles that we can choose from.
    • We will explore each of these leadership styles next.
  • Ask them for any questions and / or comments they have about the definition.
  • Respond to any that they have appropriately.
  • Next move on to explore the four leadership styles.

In the next post we will explore what the four leadership styles are.

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