So far in this session we have explored:

  • what situational leadership is (read it here),
  • what a leadership style is (read it here), 
  • the four leadership styles (read it here),
  • four development levels (read it here), and
  • how the leadership styles match up to the development levels (read it here).

In this section the participants will reflect on how to apply situational leadership to their own teams.


  • Display the slide titled – REFLECTING ON MY TEAM.


  • Then tell them that:
    • You are now going to do a self-reflective exercise to think about your team members’ development levels.
    • You will also think about the appropriate leadership style for each team member.
    • What adjustments you need to make to be more flexible in your leadership style.
    • Any skills and knowledge you need to be effective at being a situational leader.
  • Direct them to the part of their workbooks titled – REFLECTING ON MY TEAM, to do the activity (here is the template for the workbook activity –  Reflecting on my team template).
  • Give them 15-minutes for the activity.
  • When their time is up, stop them and get everyone’s attention. Ask each person to share one thing from the reflective activity. Each person has the choice of what to share.
  • Allow up to 15-minutes for the sharing and afterwards thank them for doing the activity and sharing.

All the learning activities for the session have now been completed. What is left now is to review the session and a final reflection from the participants. This will be in the next post.

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