This week’s focus is feedback


I have been writing posts on this site for a while and have decided to structure it in a more meaningful way. My goal for this site is to encourage us to invest in new and first-line managers. It is important that new managers are supported to take on their role because they are new to the manager role and investing in them through learning and development can be very supportive and give them a good introduction to the job.

We should also be investing in our first-line managers because they are hands-on and have to do a lot of the operational management work which helps organisations succeed. I am particularly interested in small and medium enterprises who have less learning and development resources and charities and not-for-profit organisations too. My belief is this – no organisation should refrain from training their managers because they don’t have enough resources. 

So from now own every week I will focus on a topic important to first-line managers and share the following resources:

  • On Monday I will introduce the topic and resources for the week (for this week you will see that information below).
  • On Tuesday I will share a bite-sized virtual training activity on the week’s topic.
  • On Wednesday I will discuss a book on the topic and share a lesson curated from the book as a one-page summary.
  • On Thursday I will share a curated video on the topic from a website such as YouTube, TED or another site
  • On Friday I will share a virtual training tip. I will be promoting virtual training tips and every Friday I will share something I have learnt about effective virtual training with you.
  • On Saturday I will digress and share with you something I do which is a personal passion and that is writing learning and development stories. I have a vision to put what I have learnt about learning and development into short eBooks written as stories which are a bit more engaging and easier to read than the typical learning and development book. I am currently writing a short eBook titled, How to create a learning and development strategy. I will be sharing stories from that book (in progress) every Saturday.

There you have it, my new posting structure for this site. Now it’s time to increase the focus for this week:

The focus for this week is Effective Feedback

  • Tuesday’s post will be a bite-sized training activity titled – Three kinds of feedback.
  • Wednesday’s post will be an introduction to a great book on feedback titled – Let’s Talk by Dr Therese Huston. I will also share a 1-page summary of one lesson from the book.
  • Thursday’s post will be a curated video from YouTube on the Three Kinds of Feedback.
  • Friday’s post will have a tip on virtual training. You will find out what the tip is on the day.
  • On Saturday I will share the introduction to a story-based eBook (I am writing) titled, How To Create a Learning and Development Strategy.

I really hope you find this week’s posts valuable. Thank you and have a great day.

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