Video – GROW for Coaching Conversations

My focus for this week is coaching conversations which I believe is a very important skill for every first-line manager to have. For first-line managers that want to adopt a coaching approach with their team members, being able to structure coaching conversations can make them more effective.  In my previous post I shared a one-page poster on the GROW framework (you can read the poster here) which is one of the most commonly used coaching frameworks.

In this post I will share with you two videos I curated from YouTube about the GROW framework. The first video is a good and clear description of GROW while the second video is a sample coaching conversation which demonstrates how to use GROW. I have used both videos in a virtual training session on coaching conversations I delivered to a group of first-line managers.

Here is the first video titled – USING THE GROW COACHING MODEL. This video will give you a good and clear description of the GROW model.

And here is the second video titled – THE GROW MODEL IN ACTION. This is one of my favourite videos on the subject because it demonstrates a coaching conversation in a way which is easy to follow with lessons managers can learn from. And if you are a learning and development practitioner like me, I’m sure you can use these videos to support your organisation’s managers.

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