Virtual Tip – Use Apps Outside Your Main Virtual Delivery Platform

Last week I attended a brilliant training course on virtual facilitation. The facilitator who was brilliant by way, spent the time showing us how to use apps outside of the main virtual platform used for the session which was Zoom. The two apps we explored were Jamboard and Mentimeter.

Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard app which we used to collaboratively answer questions. Of course, there is a whiteboard in Zoom but this one had more features. The image below shows what the work we did on Jamboard looked like.


But I preferred Mentimeter. You can use this app to do a poll or ask open ended questions, collect the results and display it in different formats such as a wordcloud.

The image below shows an open ended quiz created with Mentimeter.

Mentimeter 1

And below is the results displayed after responses from participants were collected and displayed:

Mentimeter 2

So, what’s the lesson here? You don’t need to stay in your virtual delivery platform. You can use other cloud-based apps to add a lot more interaction to your courses. I am definitely going to be using Mentimeter in my next management course.

You should explore and try something new too.

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