Exploring Management 2


Last week I introduced a course I’ve been working on titled, Exploring Management. You can read that post here. This course is for people interested in management who are not yet managers and can also be useful for first-time and new managers.

The course is split into two parts and I summarised the first part of the course in my previous post. In this post I will introduce the second part of the course.

Unlike the first part, this part focuses on leadership and it has the following learning objectives:

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • describe leadership,
  • distinguish between leadership and management,
  • identify and recognise different leadership styles,
  • use the information on leadership styles to reflect on their own leadership styles, and
  • create a personal development plan to continue their management development journey.

The course starts out looking at what leadership is and the participants explore leadership by first watching a video and then writing their own definitions for leadership using the chat window.

After that we share some definitions of leadership, discuss briefly why leadership is important to managers and then do an activity to discuss the differences between leadership and management.

The other half of the course focuses on exploring various leadership styles. First, we review the task they would have been given after the first session which is to complete a short leadership styles questionnaire to reflect on their own possible leadership styles. After that we discuss a number of leadership styles which are:

  • Transactional leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Six emotional leadership styles
  • Situational leadership

The course ends with the participants doing some personal development planning to continue their management development journey.

Below are free samples of the course and a link to where you can get the full course.

Sample from Exploring Management 2 – Facilitation Guide

Sample from Exploring Management 2 – Presentation

Sample from Exploring Management 2 – Workbook

To get the full course resources click on the link below:


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