Virtual Training Activity – Helping your manager with your own 1:1s



In this session, participants will reflect on actions they can take to improve their own one-to-one meetings with their manager.


  • 30-minutes


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Take three actions to improve their own one-to-one meetings (with their manager).


  • Yes


  • None


  • Participants should know what one-to-one meetings are and their purpose.
  • They should be able to identify behaviours that lead to effective one-to-one meetings.


  • Introduce the activity by sharing the learning objective with them. Display the slide titled – LEARNING OBJECTIVE.


  • Tell them that:
    • In this session, we are going to look briefly at your one-to-one meetings with your manages.
    • Specifically, we will explore some actions you can take to improve the effectiveness of your one-to-ones with your managers.
  • Next, direct each person to the section of their workbooks titled – 7 TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE 1:1S WITH YOUR MANAGER.
    seven tips


  • Give them 5-minutes to read the information there.
  • After they’ve read the information, use the ‘breakout room’ feature to split them into pairs.
  • Then tell them to do the activity in the part of their workbooks titled – YOUR THREE ACTIONS.

seven tips

  • Give them 7-minutes to do the activity.
  • When the 7-minutes is up, stop them and bring everyone back to the main room.
  • Instead of asking them to talk about their three actions, tell them to write in the chat window. Give them 5-minutes for that.
    • When they are writing down their actions, read through them quietly so you don’t distract them.
    • After 5-minutes, stop them and thank them for doing the activity. Then let them know you are going to read what they wrote down loudly so they can hear.
    • Read out what they wrote down. You can do it by saying something like – ‘Thanks Angie for your three actions you said you will, … And David your three actions are to… Thank you.”
    • After you’ve finished reading out the information, let them know that they can take more than three actions and ask if there are any other actions they can take or they are already taking that was not on the information they read earlier.
    • Give them 90-seconds to think about that. When the time is up ask for their input and listen to them and note down what they said.
    • After they finish speaking, feedback what you heard them say and thank them for the information.
    • Then ask them if they have any comments and / or questions about what has been discussed during the session.
    • Listen to any they have and respond (only if necessary).
    • After that, review the session by telling them that:
      • During this session we explored what actions we can take with our managers to improve the effectiveness of our one-to-one meetings with them.
      • You read some information about things you can do and individually identified three actions you can take from the information to make your one-to-ones with your managers more effective.
      • We also talked about other things you may be able to do that was not on the information you read.
  • After that, thank them for their participation and end the session.

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