Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #3

In this part of the session, we will discuss the benefits of delegation. Previously we looked at what delegation is (you can see that activity here).


Tell the participants that it is important for managers to understand why delegation is important and one way of doing that is by exploring what the benefits of delegation are.

To explore the benefits of delegation, you will put them into two groups and get them to discuss the benefits of delegation from two perspectives. Display the slide titled – WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?

Let them know you are going to split them into two groups – groups 1 and 2 as shown on the slide.

Group 1 will discuss the benefits of delegation to the manager while group 2 will discuss the benefits of delegation to team members.

Each group should write the answers to their discussion in the appropriate space provided in their workbooks under the section titled – MANAGER AND TEAM BENEFITS.

Tell them that when it’s time to feedback the answers from their discussion, each group should nominate a spokesperson who will share the answers in the workbook on their screen and talk about what they discussed.

Now split them into two groups using the ‘breakout rooms’ feature to do the activity.

Give them 7-minutes for the activity. When the time is up, stop and bring everyone back to the main room.

Then allow both groups to give their feedback starting with the group that discussed benefits to the manager (each group’s spokesperson should share the answers on the screen and talk through them).

When they finish, thank them for doing the activity and refer them to the section in their workbooks titled – EFFECTIVE DELEGATION: WHAT IS IT? WHAT ARE ITS BENEFITS?

Give them 5-minutes to read through the information there. It will cover some of what they’ve just finished discussing. After they have finished reading, ask them for any questions and/or comments.

Listen to them and respond only if necessary. Then briefly review what has been discussed so far by telling them that:

  • We’ve just discussed what delegation is.
  • We also looked at the benefits of delegation for the manager and their team members.
  • Next, we want to answer a very important question which is – why don’t some managers delegate despite its benefits.

Move on to discuss why some managers don’t delegate.

In the next post, we will explore why some managers don’t delegate despite the benefits of delegation for managers and their team members.

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