Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #4

I’ve been writing about a virtual training resource that can be used to deliver an introductory training session to new and first-time managers. Some more experienced managers may also find the training useful. So far in the training session, we’ve explored, what delegation is and its benefits. In this part of the session, we will discuss why some managers don’t delegate despite the benefits of delegation.


Tell the participants that:

  • Previously we talked about the benefits of delegation for both managers and their team members. Despite these benefits, some managers are still reluctant to delegate. I wonder why?
  • Can you think of reasons why managers are reluctant to delegate despite all its benefits?
  • Type the reasons you can think of in the chat window.

Give them 3-minutes to type their reasons in the chat window.

As they type out their answers, read them quietly so you don’t distract anyone. When the time is up, stop them.

Then read through their answers so they can hear you. You can read through them like this – ‘Thanks David, you wrote that managers don’t delegate because… And Margaret you wrote that they don’t delegate because…Thank you.’

When you finish reading their reasons, tell them you also have some reasons why managers don’t delegate to share with them.


When the slide displays it will be blank with just a title.

Click on it once to display the first reason and tell them that:

  • Some managers have an ego and a belief that they can do all the work themselves.

Click on the slide again to display the second reason. Tell them that:

  • Another reason is fear. Some managers believe that team members may not complete the task accurately or properly.

Click on the slide again to display the third reason and tell them that:

  • Some managers are worried that if the task goes wrong, they will be held responsible so they will rather not delegate.

Click on the slide to display the fourth reason. Tell them that:

  • This is a common one where managers believe that it takes too much time to delegate.

Click on the slide for a fifth time and tell them that:

  • Some managers also believe that their team members don’t have the necessary skills and they are not ready to spend time developing the team members to take on delegated tasks.

Click on the slide for a final time and say that:

  • This is the final reason which is about trust. Some managers simply don’t trust their team members enough to delegate tasks to them.

After that let them know that there is a handout in their workbook which explains the six reasons you just presented. The handout goes into more detail.

Give them 3-minutes to read the handout. After they finish reading, let them know that you want them to reflect on whether they have reasons that is preventing them from delegating.

In this session, the participants explored the reasons why some managers don’t delegate. In the next post, the participants will reflect on whether they have any of the reasons discussed for not delegating.

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