Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #5

In the previous part of this training session, we explored reasons why some managers do not delegate despite the benefits of delegation. In this part of the session, participants will reflect on whether they are not delegating due to any of the reasons discussed previously.


Let them know that you want them to reflect on whether they have reasons that are preventing them from delegating.

Direct them to the section in their workbooks titled – ANY REASONS FOR NOT DELEGATING?

Give them 6-minutes for the activity.

When time is up, stop them and get everyone’s attention. Ask if anyone wants to voluntarily share some of the information from the activity. It’s personal information so they don’t necessarily have to share.

If anybody does share, make sure you listen without making any comments and do thank them for having the courage to share information that is personal to them.

After that let them know that it’s not enough to just know about reasons why some managers don’t delegate. You want to discuss some actions managers can take to overcome the reasons why they don’t delegate. They will be working in small groups to discuss these solutions.

In the next part of the session, some actions managers can take to overcome their reasons for not wanting to delegate will be explored.

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