Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #7

In this part of the session, the participants will start to explore how to delegate effectively by discussing a three-part structure for delegation.


In this part of the session, you will introduce the participants to the three stages of effective delegation. To explain the three stages the participants will work through some case study scenarios and a practice session. Display the slide titled – A THREE-PART STRUCTURE FOR DELEGATION.

The slide will be blank when you display it with just a title. Tell them that:

  • Let me introduce you to a three-part structure for effective delegation.

Click on the slide to display information and tell them that:

  • The first part of the structure is ‘Before Delegation’ and here you answer the question – What will you do before you delegate to prepare for the actual delegation?

Click on the slide again to display more information and let them know that:

  • The second part of the structure is ‘During Delegation.’ The question answered here is – What will you do when you are delegating the task?

Click on the slide for a final time and tell them that:

  • The final part of the structure is ‘After Delegation.’ The question to answer here is – What will you do after you’ve delegated the task?
  • This is the simple three-part structure that will help you think about the necessary actions you need to take to delegate effectively.
  • Let us look at some of the actions we will need to take under each part of the structure.
  • For that, I have a little sorting activity for you to do individually.

Direct them to the section in their workbooks titled – MATCH THE ACTION TO THE STAGE.

Tell each person to read the information there and complete the activity. They have 5-minutes. After 5-minutes stop them and get everyone’s attention. Thank them for doing the activity and let them know you will review it by showing them the answers. Display the slide titled – DELEGATION ACTIONS IN EACH STAGE.

After displaying the slide, click on it again to display the answers. Allow them to read the answers for about 90-seconds. Then ask if they have any questions or comments. Listen to any questions or comments they have and respond appropriately. Next, let them know that there are handouts in their workbooks that describe each stage in more detail.

Give them 5-minutes to read it. When the time is up, stop them and get their attention.

After that let them know that you want to move on to doing practice sessions on how to delegate but first you want them to meet Danielle who wants to delegate a task to her team members but needs to choose the right person to delegate the task to.

In the next part of the session, the delegates will do an activity to help Danielle choose the appropriate person in her team to delegate a task to.

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