Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #8

In this part of the session, the participants will start to explore how to delegate effectively by doing an activity to identify an appropriate team member to delegate the task to. In the three-part structure for effective delegation, this is one of the things to do before the actual delegation. That is, to identify the right person for the task to be delegated.


Direct them to the part of their workbooks titled – THE COMPLAINTS AND COMPLIMENTS REPORT.

Give them 3-minutes to read the information there. When they have finished reading, get their attention and say that:

  • That’s the situation with Danielle who has three team members and wants to delegate the ‘Compliments and Complaints’ report.
  • Danielle is not one to procrastinate so straight away she has started planning.
  • Let’s read some of her thoughts.

Display the slide titled – DANIELLE’S THOUGHTS.

Content will automatically display on the slide so let them read it for about 60-seconds and after that tell them that:

  • Danielle now has to decide who she will delegate the task to out of her three team leaders and you will help her do that.
  • In small groups, you will read about the task and each of the team leaders and then decide who is best suited to do the task.

Tell them that the task they will do in small groups is in the part of their workbooks titled – THE TASK AND THE TEAM LEADERS.

Use the ‘breakout rooms’ feature to split them into groups and give them 10-minutes to do the activity.

In the next post, we will continue from here by reviewing the activity that the delegates did and revealing who Danielle chose to delegate the task to.

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