Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #10

In the previous part of this training session, the participants worked on an activity for a scenario to identify the right team member to delegate a task to. You see it here. In this part of the session, the participants will prepare for a practice session focused on how to delegate effectively.


Tell them that:

  • Now that we know who Danielle is going to delegate the task to, let’s move on to the second stage which is the actual process of delegation.
  • For this stage, we are going to get more practical. I am going to act as Danielle, and I will split you into two groups.
  • One group will be the Denzel group and the other group will be the Amal group
  • Each group will have the responsibility of providing a volunteer who will act as Denzel and Amal.
  • Danielle will delegate the task to both Denzel and Amal and the rest of you will observe and give feedback at the end of the demonstration.
  • Please go to the section in your workbooks titled – DANIELLE DELEGATES THE TASK to read about the practice session.

Give them 3-minutes to read the information. After 3-minutes stop them and verify that they understand what they are going to be doing. If necessary, explain it to them again and check to see that they all understand.

Next, let them know that in their workbooks are two sections titled – DENZEL GROUP – DURING DELEGATION and – AMAL GROUPDURING DELEGATION.

When you split them into Denzel and Amal groups, each respective group will use the relevant information to prepare. Now, put them into two groups (Denzel and Amal groups).

Give them 10-minutes to prepare and nominate a volunteer participant (Denzel and Amal).

The facilitator acting as Danielle should use the notes in the box below to prepare for the demonstration.

When the preparation time is up, stop them and bring everyone back to the main room to do the practice. Let them know that you are now going to start the practice session.

In the next part of the session, the participants will get involved in the practice session and also give feedback.

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