Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #12

In the previous part of this training session on effective delegation, participants were preparing to get involved in practicing how to do an ‘after-delegation’ check-in (read the post here). In this part of the session, they will do the actual practice.


When the preparation time is up, stop them and bring everyone back to the main room.

As you did for the previous practice session, let everyone put off their cameras except those playing the roles of Danielle, Denzel and Amal then you can have the practice session. The practice session should not last for more than 10-minutes.

After the session let everyone put their cameras back on and ask for feedback in the following order:

  • Person acting as Denzel:
    • How did the check-in session go?
    • What worked well for you?
    • What can I improve?
    • Did you feel supported at the check-in
  • Person acting as Amal:
    • How did the check-in session go?
    • What worked well for you?
    • What can I improve?
    • Did you feel supported at the check-in

Then ask the observers to give their feedback by first talking about what went well and what can be improved or done differently.

After listening to all the feedback, thank everyone for their participation in the practice session and then let them reflect by writing down up to three lessons they learnt and will take away from the practice sessions in the chat window.

As they write their answers in the chat window, read through them quietly so you don’t distract people. Allow them to go on for 3-minutes. After 3-minutes stop them and read out the information they wrote down.

When you finish reading, thank them again for their participation and then move on to review the practice session. To review the session tell them that:

  • During this part of the session we practiced how to delegate and what to do after you delegate.
  • The aim was for us to see how delegation works in practice.
  • Hopefully from the practice sessions, you have learnt some things that you can apply to your own delegation.

Next, move on to the next set of practice sessions in which the participants will practice in small groups.

In the next part of the session, they will do some more practice but this time in small groups by themselves without including the facilitator.

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