Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #13

The participants have already been involved in one practice session which was done by the facilitator and two volunteer participants. Now they are going to be put into small groups to practice how to delegate.


Display the slide titled – PRACTICE IN SMALL GROUPS.

Tell them that:

  • You will practice in groups of threes.
  • Each person in a group will rotate through the roles of manager, team member and observer.
  • There will be two practice sessions. The first one for actually delegating the task and the second for doing a check-in after delegation.
  • Each practice session will last for a maximum of 10-minutes.
  • During each practice session, the observer will observe and take down notes which they will feedback to the manager after the practice session.
  • There are guidance notes and three case studies in your workbooks which are broken into two parts.
  • The first part is what you will do to prepare for the actual delegation practice.
  • The second part is to prepare for the after-delegation check-in practice.
  • In your groups decide on which case study each person will use.
  • All the case studies have information which you will need to read beforehand to get ready.
  • You will be given an initial 10-minutes to prepare for each part of the practice and then 45-minutes for the practice sessions. 30-minutes for the actual practice and 15-minutes for feedback from the observer.
  • There will be a break in between the practice sessions for delegating and check-in.

Display the next slide titled – GIVING FEEDBACK.

Tell them that:

  • Let’s remember that the purpose of feedback is to help people learn and develop.
  • It is not for judgment or criticism. Each observer should follow the steps outlined here to ask for and give feedback.
  • They should first ask the team member about how the delegation or check-in went for them.
  • Next, they should ask the manager to talk about their experience of delegating or doing the check-in. How did it go for them?
  • Finally, observers should then talk about what they felt the manager did well and what they can do differently next time to make the delegation or check-in even better.
  • Next, direct them to the section in their workbooks titled – INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PRACTICE SESSIONS.

Click the link below to see the instructions for the practice session.

Instructions for practice sessions

Preparation for practice – during delegation

Give them 3-minutes to read the information there. After they’ve read it, check that they understand what they need to do during the practice session. If you need to clarify anything for them, do so.

Next, use the ‘breakout rooms’ feature to put them into groups of threes to do the practice sessions.

During the practice session join each room briefly to see what they are doing and where necessary, answer any questions they have.

Once the practice session time is up (60-minutes), stop them and bring everyone back to the main room.

Then ask them some questions not aimed at anyone in particular to get an overview of what they got from the practice sessions.

You can ask questions like these (or you can make up your own questions):

  • How did the practice go?
  • What did you learn from doing the practice?
  • What lessons will you take away and do in your own one-to-ones?

In the next part of the session, they will do another practice session but this time for an after-delegation check-in.

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