Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #14

In the previous part of the session (see the post about it here) the participants engaged in a practice session to demonstrate what to do during delegation. In this part of the session, they will become involved in another practice session, this time to demonstrate what happens after delegation.


Tell them that:

  • We know that delegation does not end when you’ve delegated.
  • You need to keep supporting your team member.
  • Part of that is having check-ins with them to see how the task is going.
  • Now you are going to go back into your small groups and practice having an after-delegation check-in.
  • Just like you did in the previous session there are case studies for you to use which you should read to prepare before having the practice.
  • Click on the link below to get the resources to prepare for the practice session.

After delegation practice

  • The case studies have similar titles to the ones you just used but will have ‘After Delegation’ in brackets.
  • There is one each for the people acting as managers and those acting as the team members.
  • As I did before, I’m going to put you back into your small groups and you will have 10-minutes to prepare, 10-minutes for each practice session and 5-minutes for feedback after each practice session.
  • Altogether you have 60-minutes for the practice session.

Put them back into the small groups using the ‘breakout rooms’ feature.

During the practice session join each room briefly to see what they are doing and where necessary, answer any questions they have.

Once the practice session time is up (60-minutes), stop them and bring everyone back to the main room.

Then ask them some questions not aimed at anyone in particular to get an overview of what they got from the practice sessions.

You can ask questions like these (or you can make up your own questions):

  • How did the practice go?
  • What did you learn from doing the practice?
  • What lessons will you take away and do in your own one-to-ones?

The participants have now finished the practice session and have also come to the end of the course. All that is left is for them to reflect on what they’ve learnt and will take away, then you can end the session. We will do that in the next post.

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