Training Resource – Introducing Effective Delegation #15

We have come to the end of the session on effective delegation. In this part of the session, the participants will reflect on what they learnt during the session and then it will be brought to a close.


Direct them to the section in their workbooks titled – REFLECT – NOTE – ACT.

Tell them to do the reflection activity there and afterward be ready to share at least one thing from their reflection.

Give them 6-minutes for the activity.

When the time is up, stop them and get everyone’s attention. Then allow each participant to talk about one thing from their reflection. For those who want to talk about more than one thing allow them to do so.

When they finish, thank them for sharing their reflections and also engaging in the practice session.

After that move on to end the training session but first ask if they have any questions and/or comments.

Listen to any they have and respond appropriately.

Then display the slide titled – SESSION REVIEW.

Tell them that:

  • Thank you very much for attending this session and for all your participation.
  • During this session, we described what delegation is and identified the benefits of delegating.
  • We also identified some of the reasons why managers may not delegate and discussed some ways to overcome those barriers to delegation.
  • Then we identified a three-part structure for delegating effectively and practices how to apply it when delegating.
  • I do hope you find what we have discussed today useful as you work with your teams and delegate tasks to them.
  • Thank you very much.

After that close the session.

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