Larry is a new learning and development manager at XL Support, a health and social care company that provides services to people with mental health support needs. Recently, his team has increased from three people to five people and he is having challenges with one of the new team members. On a number of occasions, they have had conflicting conversations and Larry is finding it difficult to work with the team member.

After a disastrous one-to-one meeting, Larry thinks that the problem might not lie entirely with the team member. Maybe he needs some help too. Larry calls his friend Brian to complain. After listening to Larry, Brian says Larry needs to develop his emotional intelligence and that is what this mini-management story is about.

Throughout this story, you will read about how Larry and Brian discuss what emotional intelligence is and how to develop emotional intelligence. This is the first part of the story where they focus on one aspect of emotional intelligence, self-awareness. There are more parts to come.

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