This is a continuation of the training session on Self-Management for Emotional Intelligence. You can access the previous part of the session here.

Display the slide titled – REVIEW.

Tell them that:

  • During this session, we described what self-management is.
  • We also identified and explored six actions you can take to develop your own self-management.
  • You had the opportunity to discuss some demonstrations of what was and was not self-management behaviour.
  • We also had a reflective session that allowed you to think about your own self-management.
  • Before we close the session, you will do one final reflective activity to help you think about what you are taking away from this session to apply in real life.

Display the slide titled – START – STOP – CONTINUE.

Direct them to the part of their workbooks titled – START – STOP – CONTINUE. Give them 6-minutes to read the information there and do the reflective activity.


When the time is up, stop them and get everyone’s attention. Thank them for taking the time to do the reflective activity. Ask each participant to share at least one thing from their reflection

Listen to them without commenting or asking any questions.

After that, thank them for their participation and close the session.

This is the end of the session.

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