This is the opening part of the training session. There is a previous post that gives an overview of the session. You can read that post here.

Introduce the session by sharing the learning objective with them. Display the slide titled – LEARNING OBJECTIVES.

Then tell them that:

  • Social awareness is the third component of emotional intelligence. It is also the first and foundational component of social competence when it comes to emotional intelligence.
  • In this session, we are going to discuss what social awareness is.
  • We will also identify some actions we can take to develop our own social awareness.

Ask them for any questions and/or comments about what you just told them. Listen to any they have and respond appropriately.

Then move on to the first part of the session – what is social awareness?

In the next post (and part of the session), we will focus on helping the participants understand what social awareness is. The aim is to ensure that the participants are able to describe what social awareness is.

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