This post is a continuation of the virtual training resource on Social Awareness for Emotional Intelligence which can be used as part of a management development session on emotional intelligence for first-line managers. You can read about the previous part of the session on what social awareness looks like here.

Actions for Social Awareness

In this part of the session, you will share with the participants six simple actions they can take to improve their social awareness. They will also have the opportunity to observe some demonstrations that will allow them to discuss the absence and presence of social awareness during conversations.

Tell them that:

  • So far, we’ve reviewed what social awareness is.
  • We have also explored what social awareness looks like.
  • Now, we want to discuss some simple actions we can take to improve our social awareness.

Display the slide titled – SIX ACTIONS FOR SOCIAL AWARENESS.

After the slide displays, information will appear on it automatically. Just read out the six actions onscreen without going into detail on any of them.

Then direct them to the section in their workbooks titled – SIX ACTIONS FOR SOCIAL AWARENESS.


Tell them to read the information there for 5-minutes.

After their reading time is up, ask them for any questions and/or comments about the six actions.

Listen to any they have and respond appropriately.

Then move on to the next part of the session titled – SOCIAL AWARENESS IN ACTION.

The next post will deal with the part of the session which focuses on social awareness in action.

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