This post is a continuation of the virtual training resource on Social Awareness for Emotional Intelligence which can be used as part of a management development session on emotional intelligence for first-line managers. You can read about the previous part of the session on what social awareness looks like here.


In this part of the session, the participants will do an activity that will require them to think about how to use social awareness in a situation. They will read and discuss a scenario and then identify what the person in the scenario can do differently to act in a more social aware way.

Tell them that:

  • We’ve just looked at six actions that can help us improve our self-awareness.
  • Now we want to help someone called Jayden to be more social aware.

Direct them to the part of their workbooks titled – JAYDEN’S MESSAGE.


First, let each person read the information to understand what the task is. Then put them into small groups using the ‘breakout room’ feature to complete the task.

Give them 7-minutes to do the task.

After 7-minutes stop them and bring everyone back to the main room.

Appreciate them for doing the activity and then tell them that:

  • I am going to be acting as Jayden listening to your advice.
  • Please, advise me on what I can do differently to be more social aware.
  • What I want to know is, what I may have done wrong when passing on the message and what I can do better or differently if I have to deliver the message again.

Allow each group to give you their advice and as they give you the advice, write it down.

After they finish, summarise back to them the advice they gave you.

Then, thank them for their advice.

Next, let them know that you want them to reflect on their own social awareness.

Move on to the next part of the session titled – REFLECTING ON YOUR OWN SOCIAL AWARENESS.

The next post will deal with the part of the session where the participants reflect on their own social awareness.

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