Setting Expectations – What are Employee Expectations?

Display the slide titled – WHAT ARE EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS?

Read out the instructions on the slide for them to write their description of employee expectations in the chat window. Give them 3-minutes to do it.

As they type out their definitions in the chat window, read through them quietly so you don’t distract the participants. When the 3-minutes are up, stop and thank them for doing the activity. Then let them know you are going to read their definitions.

Read out their definitions and acknowledge each person who wrote a definition by name. You can say something like:

“Thanks, Mike, you described employee expectations as…. And Sarah you wrote that employee expectations are…. Thank you.

 After that, let them know you also have a definition and some information to share with them. Direct them to the part of their workbooks titled – WHAT ARE EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS?


Give them 5-minutes to read the information there.

After 5-minutes, stop them and ask for any comments or questions about what they’ve just read. Listen to any questions or comments they have. If necessary, respond (appropriately) to them.

Next, tell them that together you are going to discuss, how to set clear expectations.

In the next part of the session (in the next post), the participants will explore how to set clear expectations.

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