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In this session, participants will discuss the benefits of one-to-one meetings.


  • 20-minutes


After going through this session, participants will be able to

  • Describe what the benefits of one-to-one meetings are to the organization, manager, and employee.


  • Yes


  • None


  • Participants should know what one-to-one meetings are and their purpose.


  • Introduce the activity by sharing the learning objective with them. Display the slide titled – LEARNING OBJECTIVE.


  • After displaying the slide, tell them that:
    • During this session, we will explore the benefits of one-to-one meetings from three perspectives.
    • To start the discussion, you will discuss the benefits in three small groups.
  • Refer them to the section of their workbooks titled – THREE BENEFITS. Let them read the information for about 30-seconds.

Three benefits activity

  • After they’ve read the information, check that they understand what they are to do and explain it clearly again if necessary.
  • Then use the ‘breakout rooms’ feature to put them into three small groups to do the activity.
  • Give them 6-minutes to do it.
  • After 6-minutes stop them and bring everyone back to the main room.
  • Allow each group to share their answers on the screen and talk through them.
  • Then check if anyone has any questions and/or comments about any of the presentations from the groups.
  • If there are, allow the group concerned to respond. You should only get involved in responding if necessary.
  • When they finish, appreciate them for doing the activity and presenting their feedback.
  • Then tell them that you also have some information to share with them.
  • Direct them to the section in their workbooks titled – BENEFITS OF ONE-TO-ONES.



  • Give them 3-minutes to read through the information.
  • After that, check for any questions and/or comments about the information they read. Respond only if necessary.
  • Next, review what was covered during the session by telling them that:
    • During this session, we discussed the benefits of one-to-one meetings from three perspectives.
    • We looked at how one-to-ones benefit you the manager, your team members, and the organization.
  • After that end the session.

This is the end of the session.