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How to prepare for a vital conversation

A vital conversation is an important conversation where you discuss key issues. It can also be a difficult or challenging conversation. No matter how well you plan for a vital conversation the other person can say something that throws you off balance. The ability to regain your composure in such conversations and get back on track is crucial. Following are two actions that can help you prepare for a vital conversation.

17 - How to prepare for a vital conversation

The three conversations in a difficult conversation

Difficult conversations are conversations we find challenging and that’s because every difficult conversation is not just one conversation. Rather, every difficult conversations has three components. Read about those three components below. It will help you think about difficult conversations differently.

29 - The three conversations in a difficult conversation

How to have a coaching conversation

Vital conversations are conversations where you discuss things that matter. For managers, their vital conversations are mostly difficult or challenging conversations. Before having these types of conversations it is important to prepare yourself. Here are two important steps you can take to prepare yourself for a vital conversation.

17 - How to prepare for a vital conversation

This week’s focus is Difficult Conversations


A reality of every new and first-line manager is that they will need to have difficult conversations with their team members from time to time. Call it what you want, vital conversations, critical conversations or challenging conversations, the fact is, first-line managers will need to have uncomfortable conversations with their team members and for some this can feel like the most difficult aspect of being a manager.

But every manager can learn how to better handle challenging conversations. That learning will not necessarily make having the conversations easier but it will at least prepare the manager for such conversations.

This week’s focus is on difficult conversations and the following is what I will share with you on the subject.

  • On Tuesday I will share a virtual training activity that can be used to help new and first-line managers understand what makes challenging conversations difficult.
  • The book for this week which I will review briefly on Wednesday is titled, Difficult Conversations – How To Discuss What Matters Most.
  • On Thursday I will share a virtual facilitation tip I have learned that has helped to improve my virtual facilitation.

I do hope you get value out of the information I will share with you this week.