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These learning objectives are for a session titled – KEEPING YOUR REMOTE TEAM MOTIVATED. The session applies to teams that have had to work remotely over a prolonged period of time because of a crisis such as the COVID pandemic. Teams in this position will no doubt begin to become demotivated and managers will need to go beyind the basics of supporting remote teams to keep their teams motivated.



The delegates will know what they will gain by the end of the session.

DURATION: 5-minutes


  • You will introduce the session to the delegates using the learning objectives.
  • Display the slide titled – LEARNING OBJECTIVES.


  • Then tell them that:
    • In this session we will be focusing on three key areas and by the end of the session,
    • You will be able to identify three negative motivators that can occur among teams that have been working remotely for a while.
    • You will be able to describe three positive motivators that need to increase and not decrease among remote teams.
    • Finally, we will explore actions you can take as managers to boost the three positive motivators in order to motivate and energise your teams.

After sharing the learning objectives with them, move on to explore to the next section titled, ‘Challenges so far’.