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Virtual Activity – Two Initial Questions (about 1:1 meetings)



One-to-one meetings are one of the most important tools that managers can use to support their team members. They can help managers build trust with team members, manage performance improvement, support career development, provide ongoing development and develop their own skills. These virtual training activities can be used to deliver bite-sized sessions on their own or combined to create longer courses. In this activity participants will explore what one-to-ones are and their purpose.


  • 20-minutes


After going through this session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what one-to-ones are and their purpose.


  • Yes


  • None


  • None


  • Introduce the activity by sharing the learning objective with them. Display the slide titled – LEARNING OBJECTIVE.


  • After displaying the slide, tell them that:
    • During this session we will answer two questions which are:
      • What is a one-to-one meeting?
      • What is the purpose of one-to-one meetings?
    • Let them know you are going to put them in pairs to discuss the questions.
    • Direct them to the part of their workbooks titled – TWO INITIAL QUESTIONS. The instructions for the activity are there for them to read.

two initial questions workbook content


  • Then use the ‘breakout rooms’ feature to put them into pairs.
  • Give them 6-minutes to answer the questions.
  • After 6-minutes stop them and allow each pair to first tell you how they defined one-to-one meetings.
  • Listen to them without commenting.
  • Then ask them again what they discussed about the purpose of one-to-ones and listen to them again without commenting.
  • After listening to their answers, appreciate them for doing the activity and let them know you also have a definition of one-to-ones to share with them.
  • Display the slide titled – WHAT?


  • When the slide displays allow them to read the information on it for about 30-seconds. Then ask them for any comments and / or questions about the definition and listen.
  • Only respond if necessary.
  • Next, direct them to the section in their workbooks titled – PURPOSE OF ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS.


  • Give them 3-minutes to read the information there.
  • When they have finished, ask them for any questions and / or comments about what they just read.
  • Listen to any questions and / or comments that they have and respond appropriately if necessary.
  • After that review what was discussed during the session by telling them that:
    • During this short session, we discussed what one-to-one meetings are.
    • We also looked at the purpose of one-to-one meetings.
  • After that end the session.

This is the end of the session.