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In this activity participants will explore what situational leadership is.


To be able to define what situational leadership is.


  • Display the slide titled – WHAT IS SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP?


  • Using the information on the slide, set them up in pairs using the ‘breakout room’ function and give them 5-minutes to answer the question.
  • When the 5-minutes is up, bring everyone back to the main room. Thank them for doing the activity and go round each pair for a definition.
  • As they give you feedback, note down the key points of their definitions. When they finish, repeat a summary of their definitions back to them.
  • After that, tell them that you also have a description of situational leadership to share with them.
  • Display the next slide titled – DEFINING SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP?


  • Give them about 1-minute to read the definition. After they’ve read it, tell them that:
    • The Situational Leadership framework was first developed by Paul Hershey and Ken Blanchard. It was later updated by Ken Blanchard.
    • It is based on the belief that you cannot lead all team members the same way. Depending on their needs you will need to be flexible enough to lead them differently.
  • Display the next slide which has just a quote but not a title.


  • Let them know that the quote displayed is how Ken Blanchard described situational leadership in a book he wrote about the subject just to illustrate how different team members depending on their needs may require different leadership styles.
  • Next tell them that:
    • One of the things I have mentioned as I described situational leadership is ‘leadership style’.
    • Let’s explore what a leadership style is.

The next post will focus on what a leadership style is.